Welcome to ICE LABS

In this digital marketing era, every company wants to promote themselves in a best possible way to attract and encourage customers. However, most of them do not know where to knock the door for the best web page to showcase and promote the products. To triumph over this issue, we have started ICE LABS, a digital marketing and SEO service based company to give you the best services the way you desire.

Established on 16th December 2011, we have been consistently providing a range of services to our customers based on their needs, whether it is, UI design, web design or development. But, before going into details, let me tell you what is ICE LABS.

ICE LABS stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment. These three elements are the backbone for any project and this is where we focus on. We inspire to innovate and keep on experimenting with new ideas and technology to bring the perfect solution to all our projects. We are the experts in the industry and deliver you the best services at an affordable price.

Our services:

· UI / UX Designing

· Web Design and Development

· Mobile Site, App Design and Development

· CMS and Custom App Development

· CMS - Wordpress, Expression Engine, Silver Stripe, Drupal

Now, for the benefit of our clients, we have widened our services by developing world-class mobile applications. We use simple and cost effective methods to bring your business ideas to life.

Currently the team works with 6 members, who have a good expertise in designing and developing simple and easy to use user interface for web and mobile platform.

We are passionate about our work and want to share our eureka moments with everyone. Check out this page to know more about our ideas at work.