MoPlay rises at RISE 2015, Hong Kong


The best way to bring out your talent to the world is to showcase your product and its advantages worldwide. And, we are doing the same, with respect to our gaming merchandise, “MoPlay”. This time our destination was RISE at Hong Kong (the fastest growing tech startup conference) on 1st and 2nd August 2015.

Rise gave us a fruitful experience as we were competing against 525 startups from 70 plus countries across the globe. In these two days we had to give incredible ideas to pitch our product and to be a part of the competition.

We did a great job in displaying our gaming figurines MoPlay at RISE this year and gained good customer’s feedback and comments. We had been able to impress many investors who are interested in taking our product in a big way.

Our product ‘MoPlay’ targets the gaming hardcore fans who love gaming merchandise. We, at MoPlay invite the game developers to create a store, select the collectible (t-shirts, badges, key chains, etc.), upload the design and place and ship the order at zero upfront cost.

Being at RISE was a dream come true for us as it is one of the sought after place to be for a startup like us. We get appreciated and recognised for our efforts and this provides us immense motivation to do more and achieve more.

About “MoPlay” Store

MoPlay is a product of ICE LABS, that lets game developers create an online store, take orders, produce and ship collectibles like key chains, T-shirts, badges and many interesting stuff at zero upfront cost. The whole idea behind this product is to get an extra income to the game developers by selling these delightful merchandise. Previously, merchandise were distributed and manufactured by few big gaming companies, but MoPlay has made it easy for small and medium gaming companies to sell their merchandise and collectibles.

With MoPlay, the gaming developers just have to create a store, place the order and upload the assets design and the rest will be taken care by the MoPlay Store.

To create gaming collectibles, get in touch with us at