liltube – An Awesome App for Every Parent


With the long strides of technology, now anything and everything is available in internet. Any information you need, you check it out in Google or watch a YouTube video to gain more information. Today, even kids have an open playground in the form of YouTube where they can access and watch videos that may be related to either education, games or any entertaining stuff. While browsing, it might happen that they stumble upon an inappropriate video that might not be ideal for your child.

In such instances, it is important that you protect you child from watching such inappropriate and not-so-good videos which he or she might accidentally come across. But, how can you make that happen? Well, it can be easily accomplished by our awesome app “liltube”.

liltube is YouTube with parental controls and kid’s user friendly app. This app helps you to block unnecessary videos and let the child play only those videos that are apt for your child.

It’s very simple to do! It has a secure parental control section inside the app, wherein you can search and select the videos that your child can watch. This app helps you control the inappropriate videos and restrict your child from watching them with a simple interface that is easy to use by your kids.

A good news is that liltube also works excellently with iPhone and iPod and keeps your settings in sync across multiple devices.