Liltube mobile app featured in

Yes. Another feather to our cap on 8th May 2015! Our Liltube app has been listed in the, a place to showcase our app to the world. This appreciation hold a special place as it is the first mobile app featured in also.

What is AwesomeWeb? is a platform for remarkable people to show their innovative skills and new ideas. It gives an opportunity to those who need to be recognized globally. does not only display your brilliant work but also offers you few assignments worth your calibre.

About our product – Liltube

As the name suggest, this app is specially developed for little kids and for their parents who can have control over what their kids watches in YouTube. To be precise, you can say, it’s an entertainment app for kid with parental control. With the help of control section, parent can browse and select videos that their kids can view. So say bye bye to insane and violent videos and get the child view only healthy and delightful ones.

Why we choose AwesomeWeb for Liltube App?

We knew that AwesomeWeb is doing a great job for developers around the world by helping them and contributing towards their success. Our app Liltube was designed, planned and developed the way the client wanted it to see. Being featured in AwesomeWeb and that too being the first ever mobile app to be feature adds value to our company’s ICELABS profile as we tend to get noticed and get opportunities to work with reputed companies.